Saturday, January 16, 2010

Enjoying the Blitz

If you're like me you have to live vicariously through others' experiences of the QVC recording and the new opening night. TNLF has six months to go before she's weaned and up to another 6 months more before she's walking completely steadily. This fan isn't going anywhere for a while, so I WANT DETAILS!! Post them anywhere, I'll find 'em, if they're good, I'll link to 'em. Don't leave out any details.

First, the QVC promotional spot on
(Guys, guys, guys......FLASH video, not Quicktime. Just as easy to encode and controls are more obvious for the visitor, load time is just as fast. :::shaking head::: )

DVR Alerts:
QVC January 19 9 PM ET.
I hope Chickieboo dials it back a notch. Based on my IP reports the folks at Home Shopping Network got a giggle out of her description on this blog. At least let Tim Gunn screen test your outfit before you go live.

Tonight Show with Conan O'Brien. January 21. You already know the time and channel.
Who else thinks that NBC renegging on their contracts because Jay couldn't haul his own ass in his new time slot was lower than whale shit (which is on the bottom of the ocean)? You expect Conan's ratings to lag a little bit at first, that happens every time a new host takes over that show. "Whoops! Jay tanked. And we're out of fresh ideas so we're going to screw over all of those staffers that Conan uprooted from NYC to work for him in LA and now are SOL." Conan will land on his feet, he has a contract. The crew he brought with him, not so much. Best commentary ever on this situation was Jimmy Kimmel doing Jay's 10 at 10. (It gets really good at 2:45)

Today Show Concert Series Jan 25 You know the channel and the time is a 3-4 hour range.
It sounds like the usual concert appearance but does anyone else think there could be some "awkward pauses" due to the NBC politicking? I'd like to see Barry toss in a salty word here and there, see if the boys in the control room are on their toes and can remember where the "dump button" is.

One more time, if you're at one of these (and/or opening night at Paris Las Vegas) post your POV. We're counting on you. 8^D

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