Sunday, March 22, 2009

Catching Up - Spring in North GA

Life has been busy here the last month. Before I get into my own ramblings, check out the Best Platinum Story Ever Published on My Manilow Network. This one belongs in the hall of fame.

UPDATE 5/25/2009: Regrettably, the above story is gone. TPTB removed the author from the Network for some very petty reasons. Petty, as in the kind of rationale I use when I make a rash decision while having my period. The author seemed to be a nice person, who did not get into the usual conflicts online, who had an INCREDIBLE encounter with Barry at a Platinum meeting. I usually take a laissez-faire approach to TPTB and their decisions because I'm not in their shoes and I don't see what they say. But removing this member and all of her contributions was just plain fucking wrong.

Back to the present.....
I'm composing this from the back deck. Trees are in bloom, the azaleas are coming out, there's a few daffodils left, everything is green and growing and the spring breezes are warm.
Below are pics from exactly three weeks ago. Snow showers across the deep south. Chunks of snowflakes as big as your head were pouring down, with more accumulation than any of the meteorologists predicted.

ABOVE: Our street and the neighbors' homes.

ABOVE: Crocuses blooming in the snow. The most beautiful thing on God's green earth. Never thought I would see this again after moving south.

ABOVE: TLF hugs her first snowman.

ABOVE: TLF and one of her little neighborhood friends work on a bigger snowman. Off camera, their dads are throwing snowballs at each other and anything that doesn't move.

The next day, the roads were completely clear, even though the snowmen remained another week or so and there was ice in the yards.

The kids got a snow day anyway. No kidding!

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  1. Snow always makes me happy. It used to snow once a year in El Paso when I was growing up. I love it. One of my favorite parts of my daughter living in Boston...snow!

    TLF did a good job on the snowman. How incredibly cute is that? You can't beat it as a kid.