Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Fools Get Lucky

When I see you lying there
Like a living answered prayer
There are no words
For what I feel for you

I was going to try to organize a number of random thoughts into a story but it just isn't happening.

Every so often, no matter how busy things get, it strikes me how lucky I was to find my best friends in my life, including the one I married. If people who know me could list my faults (you'd have to pull up a chair and order a pizza to get through that list) I imagine they'd list somewhere that I just say what I think. Some people call it a strength but we all know when people speak their minds, even cautiously, even with the best of helpful intentions, someone is going to get turned off.

I'm fortunate enough to have people in my life and family who tell me what they think because they mean the best for me. It's wonderful to trust someone so much that whatever they say is good for you, whether it "hits" you the right way or not. They trust me just as much - and I can say whatever I want to Pete, always in what I think will help him, and he never gets mad at it and he is always there.

That's rare - and I wish I could share it with everyone. And I wish everyone understood me the same way. The peace that comes with that kind of trust and acceptance is overwhelming. At the same time my worst fear is losing it, or watching it come to an end, or being misunderstood. That's where the faith comes in - that the trust is always there for you, and for me.
I found this article in my "news analysis" (read: surfing the web and wasting time) moments yesterday.
Fr. Jonathan Morris is a commentator on religious issues for Fox News and he related a fascinating experience from Capri this week.
Great food for thought on what happiness is, where it comes from and where not to look for it.

Happiness on the Isle of Capri

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  1. Great article YBA. I think that so many of us just don't take the time each day to be thankful for what we have. Everything that happens to us can be a blessing or drag us into the pits. It's all in how we receive it. You have to "choose" to be happy, if you don't, you're wasting the days and you can't get them back. Lucia knew that, even as a child. Some adults never learn that lesson.