Wednesday, June 18, 2008

In Another World

Looks like one of my wishes came true last night - Barry's show was a blast and he looked like he was having a great time.

Like most people I'm living vicariously through others' experiences so below are links to reviews and pictures.

Why I wish I was there: Adults need adult humor once in a while. Especially when they're cooped up with small children. I love my daughter more than life and I'm glad that we can share music and other times together, but if I don't get a break from having to censor myself, watch out for everything she sees or listens to, and otherwise break down everything I want to say to an almost-3-year-old mentality, I won't be that good a mother for long. After The Littlest Fanilow went to bed we celebrated 6/17 with a private screening of "First & Farewell". This one's off limits to TLF. She's at that age where she repeats everything. If she watched this video I would get a phone call in about a week from the director of her Catholic preschool informing me that she's telling her little friends about "Feel Me Up Elmo." That kind of drama I don't need.

This is why I would give nearly anything to see Barry do a 21+ show, his favorite music to perform (hits or not) and lots of stories from the road and the business over the years. And no self-censoring.

Maybe I really should start putting a plan together for Vegas.................
(mental wheels turning)

Reviews and Photos from June 17:

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From Blogilow: Music and Passion Report

By Lana on Manilow Network

I'll add more as they appear. To all who post, thank you for sharing with the rest of us!

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