Friday, May 2, 2008

The BarryNet got an overhaul - YOWZA!!!

So I stop by the BarryNet after I'm sure that the Littlest Fanilow is down for her nap and found a completely new site! WOW!!!
Big kudos to Stiletto for implementing a completely new idea - a private networking site. If you're not used to so many bells and whistles, it is worth your time to siddown and play with it until you learn them. There's lots to do there and I signed up on the spot, so it looks like I'll be seeing you around soon.

There's also going to be another post later that I've been working on all week but it's taking forever to make it come together.

Happy Friday Everybody!

(PS - my ID on the new BarryNet at the above address is YBA - send me a friend request and I'll add ya!)

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