Thursday, April 10, 2008

Q & A

My email has seen a bunch of questions about myself and my blog so rather go through them one-by-one, I'm posting them here (without names) for your enjoyment.

Do you post on the BarryNet?
Aren't you really ___________ on the BarryNet?
Aren't you really ___________ on another Barry blog?

Are you in the BMIFC?

A: Nope x 4. Regarding Barry, this is the only place I post or participate.


Q: Are you banned from the BarryNet?

A: No, again. Can't be banned from a place that I never signed up for!


Q: What was the event that you described in Not What You See?
Where was the place you worked before?

A: These are off the record, folks. Sorry to be so cryptic, but I have my reasons for being extra-careful about online privacy.


Q: Why are you so hyper about revealing your name? Why not join in the other fan forums?

A: Many moons ago, I was involved in another fan group for a different artist. The politics bit me in the ass - unfairly, I might add - and it not only affected my career, but I was also physically stalked. (Details in Every Rainbow Has to Have An End) Some forms of paranoia die hard. I don't want any of those people to find me again, but I still want to vent my spleen and share my thoughts like anyone else. Hence, the precautions.


Q: Who was the musician who almost destroyed your love of music in "Every Rainbow"???

A: As much as I would like to reveal this, it would open the kettle of worms it took 10 years to recover from. Best to let sleeping dogs lie. Suffice it to say he plays in a different genre of music than Barry.

Q: Did he know you had a crush on him and how much you enjoyed his music?

A: Yes, to both. Not only that, when he produced a new CD and I posted on a bulletin board about how great it was, he went into a chat room full of my friends and lambasted my post saying it was "inaccurate" and "mean". Figure that one out. I stopped enjoying and writing about music in that moment.


Q: What does Barry or Stiletto think of your blog?

A: I can't imagine anyone in that organization has time to read any of this.


Q: This was only one show you were looking forward to - why is it such a big deal?

A: The bulk of that story is in "Every Rainbow" (linked above) and Lonely Together.


Q: Are you going to see any more of Barry's shows? If not, what will happen to this blog?

A: That would be fun. We'll see what comes in the future. Right now, Vegas isn't in the plans because I have a husband and small child (what's the difference???) and a home and community who need me here. For everyone who does schedule trips to the Hilton, I'm glad you get to the enjoy them, but I have to plan my life differently. But anything can happen and my mind is open.
As for the blog - same thing. Anything can happen. It won't go away any time I can think of, and maybe some stuff will be added from time to time. You never know when something you or ANYONE writes will hit someone just the right way. That's happened to me, and anyone can "pay it forward", as it were.


That's it for now. Thanks everyone for reading and writing in! I wasn't expecting any major responses but they were fun to read. Final notes: I am not into politics, especially the fan variety. I know there's conflicts and subgroups out there and that's the way it is. I'm not going to choose sides, or who I talk to because of that. If you're nice to me, I'll be nice to you, regardless of what "group" you associate with.

Have a great weekend!

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